A happier & healthier pet..... the easy way with the BARF diet

(BARF - Biologically Appropriate Raw Food.)


Ian  and I have always believed in feeding our dogs raw food, to us it not only appeared to be the logical thing to feed but also the most natural thing for our Canine companions to eat.

Our dogs of the past, Rough Collies, and our dogs of the present, Dogue de Bordeaux and a French Bulldog have always thrived on a natural diet of raw food, have been healthy and lived long active lives.

We were constantly being asked by friends and fellow dog owners if we could get them some raw food to try on their dogs and ended up supplying numerous people with raw food so we decided there was market here as no one appeared to know how or where to get good quality raw food at competitive prices. In 2012 we decided to set up the business of Nisbet Pet Foods on a part time basis.

It wasn’t long before we found that we were actually struggling to keep up with demand working on a part time basis so in 2013 we decided that one of us (Maureen) would give up her full time day job and go full time with Nisbet Pet foods. We now supply raw food all over the UK Mainland to pet owners and many dog breeders with many different breeds of dogs and cats.

With the recent bad press about commercially produced so called complete diets we are finding many more owners turning to raw food for their dogs and have been pleasantly surprised with the feedback coming through from customers on our Facebook page from all over the UK, from curing fussy eaters to happier more active animals.

We are always happy to answer any questions you may have or offer guidance about feeding your animals on raw food, just drop us an E-Mail using the enquiry button at the top of the page.